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Rank a New Website Fast in Google’s 1st Page




After establishing your new website next step is to rank a new website fast in Google search engine after creating a new website will be done with few points. Because just creating your website is not only the job. This will not bring anything in return to you and will not fulfill your main objective. And you will end up only wasting your time. So to make your website visible to the audience you have to do the proper Search engine optimization.

Ultimate Guide to Rank a New Website Fast in Google

It’s very hard to bring your website on top of the SERP. Because with the passage of time the competition has grown to much high. That’s why in order to rank a new website fast in google or any other search engine you have to face the SEO person. Why I’m only taking about Google, because it’s the biggest browser that people are utilizing in their daily routine for internet surfing. Once you are done with the ranking on the first page of google. It will organically drive tons of traffic to your website.

A big question rose in our mind that how long does it take to rank a new website fast in Google’s 1st page? Below I’ve mentioned some important points. By following these points you can rank your new website fast in Google.

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO plays an important role in ranking a new website fast in google. It’s practice to optimize your onsite content. To gain more organic relevant traffic. Do proper keywords research for what you are writing about. And start with a title tag targeting your main focused keyword.

Whether your website is for a product, service or personal make it user friendly and easy to approach for your targeted audience. Google loves the content that is easy to digest and relevant to what the audience is searching for. Secondly, create content that is minimum 1000 to 1500 long. The longer the content will be the better it will rank a new website fast in Google search engine.

On-Page SEO Checklist

1. Submit your website to search engines.
2. Define structure of your website.
3. No keyword stuffing.
4. Update URLs including titles, tags and meta description.
5. Conduct SEO audit.
6. Internal/ External linking.
7. Use of well optimized images.
8. Tracking of keywords

For example, you are targeting a keyword that is highly competitive and there are already authority sites who have written content on that keyword. In order to compete them and bring your content on 1st position you have to cover each and every aspect of the keyword in the article. And make it longer than the competitors. Off course, there are other factors as well. But it’s plus point when you write longer content on your website to rank a new website fast in google search engine.

2. Attractive Meta Description for every page

Meta description is the short description that appears in google search below the link when you type a keyword in search engine.


If you want to generate a consistent and organic traffic to your specific web page or your website. Make sure you have stunning and attractive meta description written within 150 words. Because when you are searching for something on google you read the meta description to check the relevancy. Same goes with the audience. Focus on the meta description and see the natural boom in results of your website.

3. Minimize the Bounce Rate

Third step is to minimize the bounce rate of your website. Why does the bounce rate matter for ranking of a new fast in google?

Well, when a person landing on your site or any other site through a search and quickly bounce back to another search result. Than Google does not like this. This bounce rate shows the status of satisfaction. If audience are not satisfied with the results they will scroll to another search result.


To minimize the bounce rate for your website. Pay strong attention to the meta description and relevant title tag. And it’s recommended to look at your website’s Above The Fold section. Because this the first thing audience see on your website after landing.

4. Keywords in 1st 100 Words

Placing your targeted keyword in the first 100 words of your article will be a good move. There are many other results that didn’t follow this and rank a new website fast in google organically in the search result. But majority of the bloggers prefer to use keyword in the first 100 words of your post.

The simple reason to put keyword in the first 100 words of your article is to make it easy for the google to identify the intent and relevancy of the topic or article.

5. LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. These are the keywords that are related terms and phrases that Google or any search engine use to understand the content type or intent of any webpage. These keywords are considered as the advanced tactic in On-Page SEO. Currently this technique is working great and plays an important role in bringing your website on the first page of google.

The best way to find the LSI keyword is a search engine. Type a specific keyword in the search box and it will show you some relevant keywords or LSI keywords. Blow is an example of LSI keywords that will help a new website to rank a new website fast in google.


Outbound links are those links that are going from your website to another. In simple words when you put a link of another website site in your website or article it’s considered as outbound links. Outbound links are opposite to Back-links. These outbound links bring a strong attention to your site. Many people uses this even some high authority sites are using this.

Outbound links show to Google that both the posts are valid for ranking. When doing outbound link you have to make sure one thing that the links should be relent enough to your content.

7. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a process for any website that means it fulfills all the technical requirements of the modern search engines to eventually improve the organic ranking. Technical SEO includes the structure of a website, it’s indexing in search engine & crawling.

You can improve the technical SEO of your website with just a little attention. The first recommended thing is to optimize your website for mobile users. Because now majority of people are connected to internet via mobile devices. So making your website mobile friendly will help you to rank a new website fast in google.

You can do this free of cost through the Mobile-Friendly Testing tool from Google.


Just enter your website name and hit the test URL. If you see all green, you are good to go.


If you not seeing the green, don’t worry just fix the issues and run the test again. Also keep checking the loading time of your website. It is not considered as an important factor though. But it does have a some impact. You can check your website’s speed test through tools such as

8. Target Keyword in the URL

Keyword plays an important role to rank a new website fast in Google. These are the backbone of onsite SEO. The inclusion of your focused keyword in the URL will be surely beneficial in bringing your website to first page of google.

Because when you put focused keyword in the URL and request for indexing to Google. You are giving a valid reason to Google to index them fast in their search engine. This is considered as more relevant.

9. Internal Linking

Interlinking is more helpful in decreasing the bounce rate of your website. Because when an article or post is interlink with other webpages on your website and a link juice is created. Audience stay on the website and increase the site traffic through the improved navigational experience.

Rank a New Website Fast in Google’s 1st Page

Bounce rate of any website is measured in way that how a user visit any specific page on website. And then leave that page finding not suitable for reading. But when interlinking is done right they will be redirected to the other pages on the website and bounce rate will be decreased simultaneously.

Google’s bots are designed in such a way to follow the behavior of audience. You have keep in mind one thing that excess of everything is bad. Don’t overdo internal linking. Just put a couple of links from old posts and you are done. You will see the improvements in your website to rank a new website fast in Google.

10. Optimization of Image

To rank a new website fast in Google, images play a key role. Make sure you are using an image with proper file name alt text. So that Google also found it relevant to your website. Images make the page or post visually attractive and user friendly.

Optimizing your images will do two things. First it will boost the ranking of your new website fast in Google and article’s looks attractive. Secondly, your images will be getting high rank a new website fast in Google image search.

Make sure to replace your broken links with the active ones pointing to your content. It’s all about identifying the broken links on your website. While doing SEO audit of if you found any broken link than immediately contact with the website owner.

You can find the broken links with just a simple chrome extension. Install it and it will start scanning the links on a particular website. The broken links will be highlighted with red color.

12. Publish High Quality Content

There is a saying that:

Content is the king.

And in order to rank a new website on Google’s first page you have to publish high quality content that people are looking for. And after reading that content people love to share it with others on social media. Google’s algorithm is based on back-links and the more links you get the higher you will rank a new website fast in Google’s 1st page.

Long Content

Longer content assist in ranking google search engine. The longer the content will be on your website the more healthy your page will be to create quality back-links.

13. Quora

Quora is platform, widely used for questions & answers. Technically you can generate a lot of traffic from this website free of cost. Quora is basically a website like yahoo answers social network. The more organic and authentic answer will, the more upvotes it will get. This will significantly increase the popularity.

Quora is useful for:

  1. Bloggers to establish authority.
  2. Websites that sell digital & physical products.
  3. Content based publishers to generate revenue via traffic generation.
  4. Websites selling informational products.

14. Through CTR Boost

Google’s algorithm uses CTR in ranking a new website on Google’s 1st page. Generally, the high organic CTR will have high rank. Because high CTR tells the Google that people are really searching for what only your page have.

Eventually, this will boost your ranking of page. To do this use better and attractive title tags, short URL with attractive relevant meta description & rich snippet.

15. Blog Comments

Blog comments are really helpful in getting high rank a new website fast in Google search engine. Commenting on different niche based relevant blogs help to create backlinks, which in returns generate a lot of traffic for your website. Some links through blog comments have low value and aren’t much worthy. But they still play their part in raking. For a new website blog commenting will help in indexing fast in Google.

16. Google’s Algorithm

Google keeps on updating it’s search algorithm frequently. In it’s February’s updated Google made significant changes. In AdWords they removed the right-column ads and rolled out 4-ad blocks on many searches. This was a paid search updated. But this have significant importance for CTR for results.

You have to keep yourself updated with these frequent updates.

17. Google’s Guidelines

Google is world’s most used search engine. It has defined some guidelines to which you have to follow to get high ranking in Google.

Make different pages for the ease of users, not only for the Google. Avoid different kind of tricks and shortcuts that intend to improve ranking in Google search engine.


The conclusion for how to rank a new website fast in Google’s first page, the main thing is to do a proper keyword research. If you are looking for ranking a newly established website in Google keep the above mentioned 17 points in mind.

Because Google want important, relevant and user friendly content. The content audience looking for.

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