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How off-page SEO can help in ranking?

If we compare on-page seo, off-page seo is more difficult to execute. Off-page seo is the process of setting up relationships with other websites through link building. This side of SEO contains majorly 3 important factors such as how other websites are linking you’re your website, which website is linking & how your content is share across the web and on social media. These points have great impact on your ability to rank on the SERP.

With the passage of time search algorithms are constantly changing, the consensus in SEO community is that relevancy, trust & authority plays a vital role in ranking of a page.

Which website is linking back to your website?

In the previous section Introduction to Search Engine Optimization we discussed that one can use some tools that are available on free trial basis to determine what websites are linking to your website. In the beginning a short amount of links, let say 25 from another website may be a good start to build link. But getting a link from high authority websites such as educational, publications etc could be worth more than the collective power of those 25 links. We can say that in off-page seo we consider more work on link building side.


Internet is basically an interlinking network of web-pages. So every created link isn’t equal. A link gained form authority website such as, will usually provide more link juice. Millions of people visit these websites on daily basis. That’s why they have an ability to make the content viral in short period of time.

How websites are linking back to you in off-page seo?

Anchor text plays an important role while linking off-page seo. Just as you use anchor text while internal lining between posts and Webpages. Same goes with the other websites. Using the relevant anchor text with link to your website will create relevancy to certain keywords and phrases. If you have an opportunity to choose, go with the keyword-rich anchor text for linking. But if you don’t go the link as all link juice are good.

There is a term called reciprocal links”. That mean if someone is giving you link back to your website. And in return ask for the same. You put link of other website into yours and other person give link to your website. This practice was used in early days, When search engines were not more up to dated. And at that time these types of links have some value. But as of now, these links doesn’t have much value as compare to the one-way link.

Presently, many people pay for links. They contact with the high authority website’s owner and pay them in return of getting link. But search engines strictly prohibit these links. Infect, all these links must include a no-follow tag. This tag tells the search engines to give those links any credit. If you get caught & search engine found you untagged paid links they will suspend your website or can black list it. It means you have to be extra careful in off-page seo. Apart from that, the links to your website through ads aren’t counted as inbound links.

If you don’t have time for link building, but have money. There are a lot of service providers on the freelance websites. You can hire them to do the tasks. It is recommended that if you do, make sure you do proper research & signed an NDA before getting them on board.

Use of Social Media

In the present era, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great source for getting your content viral. In current situation of pandemic, the use of social media has gone to the sky. People share content they found valuable on social media & the search engines noticed it.

According to MOZ, the number of social shares of any webpage is an important factor in any page’s ranking. Publishing content on your website and sharing it on the social networks will be a great practice. Search engines has now realized, that content which is shared on social media is extremely influential.

You can do it by putting social share buttons on your website. So that audience can easily share your content through those social sharing buttons on their social media accounts.

Email Outreach

Everyone that own an online business, now use email to build great relationship with its potential leads. They utilize this opportunity through promotional email outreach. It’s now easier with the latest tools to send the email to all the potential leads at once. But you have to utilize this way in a very careful way in off-page seo. Otherwise, this will not be more effective.

Just as you put buttons for social share on your website to share content on social media. Same way put a button for email. So that people utilize this and share your valuable content with others. This will surely increase the amount of inbound links to your website for off-page SEO.


If you want to rank you website you have to work on both On-page seo & off-page seo of your website. You cannot get good results by just sticking to one. Link building is not an easy way. Don’t take it easy. The harder to get the link will be the more value will this have. In early days it was very easy to get link and rank your website easily. But now the search engines are getting more and more updated. They use the latest technology and modern algorithms.

In the beginning, it is recommended to produce valuable content on your website and work on the on-page seo of your website. Later when you move to off-page side, it might be easy for others to understand about your website. So they can link back to your website. Try every method for the ranking of your website separately and check which work best for you. And when you see positive results do it consistently to bring more positive results.

The process of link building and off-page seo is time taking process. So consistency is the key. There is no way that you implement a strategy now and see the results overnight. You have to do it patiently. Make a proper plan and then work according to it.

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