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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)




In modern era Search Engine Optimization is a technique that help a business to rank high in a search engine results organically. Through this way your business get more visitors organically that are looking for your business, product or services in any search engine.

In search engine marketing (SEM), the term SEO is the broader view or part that describe all marketing strategies for searches. Search engine marketing includes both paid and organic search. In paid search you have to pay the service provider to list your business’s website on search engine. So that your website shows up when any visitor who is looking for your provided product or services through a specific keyword or any phrase. In organic way you don’t have to pay someone to list your business, all the process goes organically. Both ways appears differently on search engines.

Why SEO is important for your business?

Now a days many search engines are present in the market of digital world. It is very important for you to list your business on search engines. You can have an idea, only from that on Google alone, there are more than 600,000 searches are conducted every second. Just imagine, every second your website is not getting indexed in Google. This mean you are losing the great number of potential audience for your business. So, SEO for your business in online era can improve your website’s ranking in any search engine. And there is huge change of getting organic audience on your website.

You will be surely thinking that if there is a paid service to rank your website high why you will be using the organic way. The simple answer is that about 85 percent of users never click on paid search ads. Merely the sole purpose of any search engine is to provide it’s users the most relevant and authentic information.

How search engines work for Search Engine Optimization:

The main objective of any search engine is to provide it’s audience with the most relevant results that are possible in relation to the search query of the visitors. If visitors are happy with the information provided by the search engines they will be more likely to come again on the same search engine, because they are getting what they want. In order for a search engine to be able to display the relevant results when a visitor type a specific query, they need to have an archive of the information to choose from.

Every search engine has it’s own way of proprietary ways for collecting website’s content. That method is called indexing. When you submit your website to a search engine that search engine has specific method to completely scan the website and index the information on website. So that, they can show it to the visitors when they search a specific query using specific keyword. Every search engine has bots or crawlers that are constantly scanning the website and index the content on website following the links on each webpage to other pages.

If your website is not indexed in the search engines. It will not appear in the search engine and audience will not be able to check your website. Unless your are trying to cheat your way to the top of the SERP (search engine results page).

Search Engine Optimization

Main factors that search engine consider for indexing:

Big search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are indexing millions of pages regularly. But what is the criteria to show the content in the SERP when a visitor enter a search query? Here are few points that search engine consider for content indexing:

  • Links: Linking factor plays an important role in the indexing the content into search engine. When the crawlers or bots of search engine scans the website for indexing they keep the point of linking that how authoritative website has given the website a link. The more inbound links a website has, the more authority it has. It will help the website for quick indexing. As the links are voting in favor of your website so for indexing of your website it’s a plus point.

E.g your website has link from a high authority website such as The Forbes, will give your website a high boost than a link from a small website. The boost is called link juice.

  • Website’s content: It is a saying that Content is King”. While indexing the pages into the search engines the bots or crawlers looks for clue about what kind of topics are your website covering & scans the complete back-end of your website for specific tags, descriptions & instructions.

Some other factors that a search engine algorithm may consider while deciding what information to show in the SERP are:

  1. Quality of link
  2. Type of link
  3. Code of website
  4. Website content
  5. Location of the visitor

Now a days Google dominate the market of search engines because it is considered to have the best advanced algorithm. Before Google, the search engines relied merely on indexing the content & considerer the factors such as the density of keywords in order to determine what to show on the top of SERP. This approach referred as Black-Hat SEO tactics.

Ranking Factors in SEO

If you want to list your website/ content in any search engine and want to index and even rank on the top in any search engine its possible. But to get your website ranked on the specific keywords will be much much tricky and difficult now a days. Basically, there are three main factors that any search engine consider while determining that where to list any website in SERP.

  • Authority
  • Rank
  • Relevance


Earlier we discussed how search engines work for SEO section, that search engines determine the authoritative website’s content by calculating the quantity of inbound links a website have. Anchor text plays a vital role in determining the value of any inbound link to your website.

There are many tools through them you can track the authority of any website such as:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. Moz
  4. Website Grader by HubSpot


A simple definition of rank is “The position where your website physically lies in SERP when someone search using a specific keyword”. If someone type any keyword in the search engine, and your website appears on the first position than the rank of your website is 1st. If your website appears on 2nd number your website’s rank is 2, and so on. Previously, we have discussed that rank appears as an indicator that how your relevant and authoritative your website is to any search engine.

Rank factor in SEO


In SEO relevancy is the most critical factor. Search engines are not always looking for how many keywords you are using. But they are also in search of clues that how relevant is your content to a specific keyword. Other than the actual text on your website, the search engines reviews your website’s complete structure. They check the permalinks, keyword density, page formatting, headlines in the body text etc.

There isn’t any specific tool to measure the relevancy of your website.

Best SEO Strategy

When approaching to the best strategy for your website. You should breakdown it into two ways.

Strategy for SEO

On-page SEO covers all the things that you can control on your website. It can be content management, indexing, designing etc.

Off-page SEO covers everything that happens off to your website. such as link building, citations etc.

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