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Importance of Search Engine Optimization




During this pandemic the online presence of businesses has grown a lot & importance of search engine optimization has been increased. Many offline businesses are shifting to online because of it’s huge potential. Same time the competition has also been increased due to a lot of growing businesses.

A decade ago the founder of world famous tech company Microsoft, said that the verb is the future of search. He wasn’t talking about the words or queries people type into the search box. But his intent was why people search. Before discussing why search is important we need to understand why people are searching? And this will help in understanding the importance of search engine optimization.

Reason Behind the Search of People

In the beginning people searched to find the documents containing different words they type in search boxes. But in today’s modern world, people search to solve their problems. They search to complete different tasks, hence the importance of search engine optimization increased. Let’s understand this with an example. A person type a specific query in a search engine now the search engine analyze the intent of the keyword and shows different result to the consumer.

Meanwhile they also show some of the relevant results as per the query typed by the consumer for the ease.


Search Engine Optimization Reddit

Now a days importance of search engine optimization throug reddit is the best to start with it. Now a days social media has industry has boomed. People are utilizing it for their daily routines. Same way the presence of businesses on those social media would also bring a lot of potential customers. Reddit is a great platform to drive traffic to your online business & helps in search engine optimization through reddit.

Reddit is great platform that can generate a lot of traffic. Eventually this will increase the importance of search engine optimization for your business. You can use reddit to derive traffic through joining different niche based communities known as subreddits. Every subreddit is identified by it’s unique URL structure.


You have to join different communities related to your niche and can engage with other users of the community. This will build your trust on other users of the community. And when people started giving importance to your content you will see a boost in traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Algorithm

People are using different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. But most famous of all these is Google. With the passage of time google changes it’s algorithm to more advanced algorithms. Because search engine optimization algorithm plays a vital role in determining the page rank in SERP.

A question comes into mind that why search engine optimization algorithms are important in the importance of search engine optimization? Simple answer to this is, the programmed algorithms uses different keywords typed in by the user in search engine box to determine ranking of a page. And search engine optimization helps in raking in any search engine on a specific keyword.

Here is a list of Google’s search engine optimization algorithm updates that helps in understanding the importance of search engine optimization to the users:

  1. Panda Update
  2. Payday Loan Algorithm
  3. Penguin Update
  4. Hummingbird Update
  5. Mobile Update
  6. Rank Brain Possum
  7. Update Fred Pigeon
  8. Page Layout Algorithm
  9. Exact Match Domain

SEO Advantages for Importance of Search Engine Optimization

There are enormous advantages that increases the importance of search engine optimization.

  • Credibility

When a website is ranked in search engine, that is considered as authentic and trustworthy by the search engine. This eventually increases the credibility of your business. It’s totally free with a little time spending on your website. Do some keyword research, add content to your website, increase the speed of your website by On-Page SEO.

  • Content Marketing Support

Original & well optimized content on website work parallel with SEO. Making a content that attracts users will bring more audience to your website. For this purposes use proper headings, tags, bullets & numbering, add attractive images with alt text in it. Make it user-friendly for the search engine to crawl.

  • Improvement of Website Usability in importance of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is all about making your website friendly for the search engines. So they find it easy to crawl and index into their system. It also increases the usability. Because when your content on website is organized and easy to access. More users will find it easy to use and they will spend more time there & recommend it to others.

  • Is Search Engine Optimization Free

Search engine optimization is totally free of cost. All it cost is your time. As much time you spend on optimizing your website will eventually fruitful to your website. And will generate tons of traffic to your website. Search engine bots are crawling your website 24/7 on daily basis to index your content on your website for the potential users.

Best Search Engine Optimization Practice Today

In search engine optimization doesn’t mean to focus on content only. But it also helps in some other areas such as:

  • Server settings
  • Finding different ways to speed up your website.
  • Integration with social media websites for better user experience, paid search & analytics.
  • Navigation through different versions of same webpage.
  • Solving indexing issues with search engines.

A professional search engine optimizer not only understand the intent of user but the competition with others as well. It doesn’t mean to only understand the idea behind the keyword but to find different ways that can fulfill the gap to provide a better solution for the users. This really helps in bringing the result on top page of SERP and it plays a vital role in importance of search engine optimization.

The SEO person should also know the Off-Page SEO, and Back-link building so to make the website more easy to reach and user friendly. All these aspects help in bringing the more related results for users in the SERP. Semrush gives you an overview analysis of the performance of your website. Try here it’s free to use.

Don’t worry about the indexing issue. Submit the sitemap of your website to the search engine and let the search engine do it’s job. Do proper keywords research including mata data, tags & headings and your content will be fully optimized.

Conclusions of Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not one day work. That you do all the work and next day your website will be on the first page in SERP. SEO is evolving. Every SEO person loves to find the specific recipe of SEO that sky rockets their websites to the top position of SERP. To do that there are some rules and practices. But the soul of SEO is all about finding out what works for your website and than changing the structure accordingly. Hence the importance of search engine optimization cannot be denied in the present era.

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